Mundesley Community Choir
Jeff Frost

A Tribute
About Us:
Our history: The Mundesley Singers were founded in 1982 when it was an all female choir. Since 2003, men have
joined, adding tenor and bass voices to the already existing first and second sopranos and altos.
Musical Directors have included Terry Flemming, Barry Bryant, Anne Lawson, Jill Coleman, Eileen Dolan, Christine
Welham and Dorothy Hughes. Our pianist for 20 years was Christine Welham. In August 2009, we welcomed Mia
McKean as Musical Director, who was joined in the October by Jeff Frost as pianist.
Jeff bravely took over as Musical Director and pianist in 2011 and introduced us to a range of exciting new music.
However, sadly, Jeff died in February 2018, and is much missed by all.
Fortunately, Mia came to our rescue and has done a fantastic job in preparing the choir for our Touch of Frost concert
in June 2018. Our tribute to Jeff. Mia has been ably assisted by accompanist, Matthew Bond. We are grateful to
them both for keeping us going during this difficult time.
In September, we are delighted to welcome Zaira Palumbo as our new musical director. Zaira is well known in North
Norfolk. She studied at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and has returned to work in the area.
Assisting her will be Sally Hart, a professional musician, who has recently moved to Mundesley.
Mundesley Community Choir is looking forward to our new chapter.
We welcome, and are keen to recruit new members over 18 years of age. No formal audition is required, although an
informal appraisal of your voice may be requested in order to ascertain which section best suits you. ie Soprano, Alto,
Tenor or Bass. These groups are not gender specific, we currently have two wonderful female tenors!
We practice every Tuesday evening, based very loosely on the school term. Rehearsals start promptly at 7.30 and end
at 9.30 with a 15 minute break in the middle for a well deserved drink, and time to catch up with friends!
The venue we use is Mundesley Methodist Church NR11 8BE, via the rear entrance.
The choir currently consists of 40-50 mixed voices and there is a wide variety of secular and sacred music for us to
try. This is usually arranged for four part singing. We perform a number of concerts throughout the year in different
There is a fee of £20 per person per term. This includes the loan of all sheet music, pre recorded CDs in order to
practice our respective parts at home, and the weekly refreshments.
For concerts the choir is expected to provide their own 'uniform': Long sleeved black shirts with black trousers and
black shoes for the men, and plain black long skirts/trousers, or short shirts with black tights; plain black tops, and
black shoes for the ladies. Ties and corsages are provided by the choir.
There are social events arranged throughout the year for members and their families to attend if they wish. These are
primarily in order to get to know each other in a more relaxed and
social setting, but also on some occasions can provide a means of
boosting the choir funds!…..Always appreciated by our treasurer!!
The Choir has an elected committee of around ten members:
Janet Chapman – Chairperson
Mia McKean – Musical Director
Phyllis Lee – Treasurer
Marese Farrell – Librarian / Alto Representative
Sue Egerton – Social Secretary
Denise Tarry – Minutes Secretary
Ken Bragger – Bass Representative
Martyn Egerton – Tenor Representative
Gail Frost – Publications / Soprano Representative
Jeff's first job was playing at the Beachcomber nightclub in his home town of Eastbourne.
He also played with local bands in various genres including Rock, Jazz and Country &
Western. He pursued a parallel career in music retail management, eventually commuting to
London to manage a shop in Charing Cross Road. At this time he was composing and
arranging music for a seven-piece jazz/rock band which went on to record at George
Martin's Air Studios in Regent Street.
Back on the south coast, he joined the house band at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne. Here
among many fabulous female vocalists, he accompanied the now famous BBC Jazz Award
winning musician, Liane Caroll.
Since moving to Norfolk, Jeff began to work with choirs, joining Mundesley Community
Choir as accompanist in 2009 and becoming Musical Director in 2012.
A later project was his work with Robin Adams, an MCC chorister, performing jazz and
popular standards as a voice/piano duo ,
Sadly, Jeff passed away in February 2018 but his memory will be kept alive through the
music of the Mundesley Choir.